February 15, 2009

She Wins!

Tara's Twitterpated purse is done!

This is the bag when she finished it the first time. She decided this wasn't the right handle. The purse needs a longer and more flexible handle.

This is the purse with the new handle. Not the color she wanted, but there were only 2 colors to choose from.

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the inside.
Well, I'll get that when she's here next. Tara's friends are now inspired to do some little artsy bags for themselves.

Click Here for the first post about the bags.

So, where is mine?
How close am I to being done?

Ummm........I'm needing Miss L to choose a fabric for the lining.
She's been busy with classes and I've been distracted with making the Fringy Fish, but maybe.....

We can finish this by the weekend?

Well....it wasn't by the weekend.
But, it's finished!

The charcoal fabric was a good match for the lining.

Fold and stitch up the sides.

Laura did choose the black strap handle.

Cute, eh?


  1. So, are these crocheted? I like the silver one!

  2. Yes, we crocheted these!
    I got the body done and then Miss L was supposed to pick out her lining, we got distracted!
    We need to pick out a new handle for her bag, she too picked out a short handle.
    I told them they now have purse handles to do another purse/bag!

    Hope you had a nice weekend trip away from the snow! We're getting the snow right now!

  3. Jessica, beautiful bag! You could cover the handle with a matching fabric if it isn't the color she wanted.

  4. What a great idea, Kathy!

    I can't wait to share that with Tara!
    I'm sure she has the fabric to do that. Watch for a little update!!


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