February 24, 2009

Scrappy Pattern Emerging.......

Edited.....new pictures added.

This is #3 for QWL (Quilts With Love),
from Wiley and me.
We're combining 6" fabric squares.

....that's sunlight!

....looking good.

My favorite section!

Love it!
2 seams to go,
a little trim-trim,
press it and put it in the box!

Opposite view, all sewn up.

And, #4 and the Final quilt-top for this Challenge.

In progress......

Wiley's Blocks + My Blocks
= A Patriotic top!


  1. Hey! Thanks for your comments. I had to look up The Outsiders. I don't remember it...looks like a trip to the video store. We have an earlier Spring. But really, really pay for it in August!

    Like your quilt! and your fishes!!

  2. Great looking quilts for our soldiers Jessica!

  3. Hello Quilt-y Friends!

    Sherry, We read the book when it came out....loooong ago!
    The story is full of tragic events, not an uplifting movie! Lots of acting talent in the movie, you'll recognize many of the actors.
    The song in the opening, Stay Gold is one of my favorites. Anyhoo....your pretty pictures reminded me of some of the pretty photography in the movie!
    I hope we get nice weather this year!

    Thearica, That's the perfect title for your blog!! Very sweet!

    Thank you....these quilt tops should get finished this weekend and sent off to Maggie. The family has been more involved, emotionally, with QWL this year since we're doing more than a quilt square....I think they can picture these quilts in the soldier's hands.

  4. Hi Jes!
    Wanted to tell you that we have planted the Amana orange seeds that you sent me, and they are about 3 inches tall now. I'll post a photo when it gets a little bigger. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Can't wait to try them out.
    Looks like you are dreaming of Spring and your garden for this year. It will be here before you know it!

  5. Pam....I was thinking about your garden!.... while I looking at the seeds!
    I still want to share the Brandywine seeds with you, I just have to find the packet.
    I want lots of tomatoes this summer!
    The only way to do that here, in our yard, is to do cherry tomatoes. I'm even thinking about doing hanging pots with "edibles" this year!
    Is that crazy?!


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