February 18, 2009

Pretty Designs, Pretty Music

I thought I'd work in some of pretty designs that you would see on an angelfish.

The fish project is keeping busy!

.....a Birthday celebration for Tara.

A tasty chocolate mousse cake.
While out with her friends, she went to a Marshall Mclean concert.  She said the music was great and bought 2 of his CD's, The Road to Antioch and Heaven's Grey.

She left the music in the player here, so I listened to the music...all afternoon. 
My favorite song is Dandelion.....Heaven's Grey CD

Want to hear Marshall's music?
.....the Myspace link
or here: the Facebook link



  1. I like your fishies, are you planning to make a WH with all these?

  2. Hi Donna (I read your sink hole story, that was scary!)

    The fish are going to be single mobiles. It will be on about an 8" beaded strand and have a ring at the end for hanging.
    I'll be doing a fishy show soon!
    You are all "hanging in there" like good friends!!
    I have had a wallhanging request with the beaded fish! I'll share that too!


  3. Hey Jessica,
    It is kind of crazy because I know Marshall. He was a student up at the Bible college that I worked at and I went to college with his wife. So I have known him and his wife for 5 years now. Crazy!!!
    Hope you are doing good.

  4. Lyndsay,
    It's wonderful to see you!

    You know Marshall! Knowing this makes me smile! I imagine he played his guitar and sang there, at the college!!
    Tara really liked the concert.
    I read that he based the one CD on the Sermon on the Mount.
    I love hearing the guitar, makes you feel close to the music.

    Hope you're feeling better!!

  5. The cake looks yummy! Beautiful bead work on your fish. They should be great sellers.

  6. Thank you, Kathy

    I'm attaching the hanging strands to the fish, I've got to think like a jeweler....um, er!


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