February 24, 2009

Gardening Friends......

I declare Winter over!

.....just need someone to 2nd that!

Heike, in Germany,  is already gardening!
I can't see my yard yet, but I got the seeds out to play with.

This year we'll plant more veggies.

.....since Winter decided to wreak havoc on my beautiful shrubs, I'm going to have to plant a bunch of flowers in their place.


  1. That looks so refreshing seeing all those seed packs...now if only the snow would stop coming out of the sky. :(

  2. I love your heading! I 2nd that! The flowers are gorgeous. I can't even think of seeds yet, much too cold.

  3. Hi Friends!

    I'm scooping the snow off the patio, there's still only a small path leading away from the house! The patio is warmest spot to start seedlings. I fear once my growing shelves are unburied, I'm going to find them damaged from the weight of the snow.
    The blog heading is cheerful, huh!!!

    And, I hear that 2nd! Done, Winter is over...!!!!!

  4. I cried out loud yesterday.
    Today it's hazy and cold.
    So I have to pause.
    Your seed is looking wonderfull, it reminds me to seed my flowers in the mini greenhouse in the cellar!!!
    I think in the nothern part of Germany winter is over while the southern part the people are sinking in snow.
    :-) Heike

  5. No gardening for us in south Germany yet. The last couple of days you can watch how the snow is melting but still deep-frozen ground. I already got me some veggie-seeds too and will raise them in pots until I can move them into the greenhouse.

  6. I'm going to have to start everything in the house! We need to start tomatoes soon since our growing season is so short.

    Last year I didn't plant flowers, we took walks on the hill to enjoy the wildflowers!! Less work! LOL!!


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