February 1, 2009

Didn't Spend a Dime...

It's all about the fish -everything else is on hold.
(Look at that, the sun is shining!)

I've got things here and things there, thread and beads all over the place.

I remembered that lots of things cling to felt, so this is my inexpensive thread holder - I clipped the felt square to the clip-board. I can put all the threads that I'm using for one fish right there on the board, in front of me.
No thread twisting up here. And, I didn't spend a dime.

Continuing the organization theme.....
The beads are under control!

I love this Anna Maria Wild Flower pincushion for what it can do.
I'm using the flower petals as thread-holders.


  1. Glad to hear the sun is finally shining. I love your fish!!

  2. They are cute, Jess. I love the bubbles! What a fun project.

  3. Thank You, Thank You!

    That fabric is perfect ocean-blue as a backdrop, isn't it?!
    The "bubbles" just happened!
    They will be on the beaded strand for hanging! But, when the DDs saw the bubbles, they said "wallhanging"!.....so I'll do that!
    I can then mix the fish!

    Steelers vs. Cardinals!
    I'm stitching during the game!
    I'm cheering for the Cardinals!!

    ~ Jes

  4. The fabric is perfect background for the fish. Good idea on the felt and the microwave container too.

  5. Jes, it is just so much fun seeing how you are jumping into all this! I love your fish and know your mind is going crazy with ideas!

  6. Hiya Kathy and Nicki!

    This is fun. This is fun!

    I drew up the angelfish and am working on the first one.
    It's cute! Some of these are done up colorful, but last year that was a good thing....I started making the big fish in wild colors and they were the first to go!

    Black and Gold....I'm doing a dramatic angelfish!

    ~ Jes


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