January 19, 2009

Terry Waldron and Wonderful Simply Quilts Guests

I loved getting up early for the 5:30am Simply Quilts episodes. I'd have my morning java and writing pad in lap, ready to learn! It was educational, inspiring and the start of a love-affair with fabric and patterns.

One guest in particular, is Terry Waldron. The SQ episode went on a field trip to Terry's; and along with her beautiful landscape quilts, there was a whimsical wallhanging, Shakespeare's Chicken.
.....a chicken (or rooster!) feathers layered in muslin on a hexagon background of Japanese fabrics.
I talked and talked about that episode to family, fretted when the episode replayed on a t.v. channel that we don't get.......and don'tcha know, my sister taped the episode and sent it to me. I was thrilled!
It's the only quilting show that DH has ever watched, and he enjoyed every bit of it!  So with that, I have his support as I experiment the landscape quilting world.
Since seeing Terry on Simply Quilts, it's been one of my wishes to see her on the web. I enjoyed going through the Hoffman Challenge Galleries and Quilt Shows to see her quilts. Well, now she's got her own website and I'm so happy to link it here on the blog.
Hope you visit her! I can share with you that she teaches in her area and now, across the country.
An Artist and a teacher at heart!


A part of my book collection includes some of my favorite guests on the show. 
I was the perfect Viewing Customer: watch the show, buy the book!
There are still some books on my wishlist, but I've got a good start.

Jan Mullen ......

Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart

Rebecca Wat & Cynthia England

Shelley Swanland & Linda Johansen

Watercolor Quilts.......

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