January 9, 2009

Snow Toll

Shoveling heavy snow did me in, and I've been told to get some rest. I'm not alone though, while at the doctor's, I heard of many injuries and strains.

Moving snow wasn't so much a problem until the last 2 feet of snow came in - it meant heaving the snow up and over piles of snow that was already more than 6 feet. Just trying to keep the snow from piling up so close to the house in case of a Pineapple Express (which we got).

Hubby made a big pot of turkey noodle soup to make me feel better.   It's workin'.

I'm getting some stitching done, finishing up the two quilt-tops for QWL that I started in the Fall.
And, I've got my Crazy Quilting Basket with CQ Lessons sitting in front of the t.v. to work on.

1 comment:

  1. Nothin' better than soup and Dumplings!

    In case you need a quick recipe:

    Herb Dumplings
    2 cups flour
    4 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    ~your choice of favorite herbs
    4 tbsp soft butter
    1 cup milk

    1. Combine dry ingredients.
    2. Cut in butter
    3. Stir in milk with wooden spoon
    Drop dumplings into soup (gentle simmer) and cover
    for about 15 min. to steam.
    Remove lid and continue to cook another 8-10 minutes.


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