January 23, 2009

Silly Frogs

I'm auditioning background fabrics for a child's room wallhanging, and it's a little like Leap Frog.

I'm just silly enough to put goggles on these guys and make 'em look like they're parachuting!


  1. I like your color combinations and think googly eyes and goggles would look oh so cute on it.

  2. We're doin' it then! (we're all silly!) I need to find some iridescent blue for the "cool" goggles....LOL!

  3. Jes! You crack me up - everytime I check in on you, you are up to something else - fun! fun! I love your frogs but beware... I'm known to eat a frog leg or too! LOL!

  4. These froggies will be too
    cute to eat! haha!


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