January 5, 2009

Hello 2009

I've got high hopes for a Wonderful New Year.
And since time doesn't stand still..... I've got some projects started.

January 1st is the beginning of the QWL Quilt Challenge.
And this morning, I'm done with the Coins Quilt (fabrics from Wiley and I) -
it can now be folded and put into the mailing box.

Next is the Cabin quilt-top.

I was going through my first 3-ring binder of pattern ideas and got re-interested in a few projects.
One is this cute knitted bag by ZephyrStyle.......Twitterpated Purse.
I'm glad to see the pattern is still available!
Tara and Miss L saw the picture and fell in love with the bag. So, Tara said she'd find her yarn and start one, adding we'd see who gets theirs done first.......so far, she's ahead.

Here's Tara's pretty colors, looks like jewels....

and mine....


Here's a fabric bag pattern among the pages of ideas - easy stuff.

Fabric bag idea.....

Perfect size to fill with teas like this.


Over the holidays there were several challenges between the kids and their friends. They all attend college and are poor! But, not without imagination.
There was the $3.99 challenge and contest, who could buy the best gift and not go over budget.
Then there was another challenge where Miss L was to write a story. The story was intriguing and quite visual, ".....a giant rose cut from aqua-marine crystals..."
How inspiring!
I'm combining the story and an oil painting that Tara did for a (crazy-quilted) wallhanging.
I worked on the sketch, changing Tara's Dianthus' to Roses.

Aqua Crystal Rose, sketched out for up-coming wallhanging

Hope 2009 is a Happy and Healthy year for us all.
Enjoy Sewing and Creating!
~ Jes

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