January 24, 2009

Fringy Fish in progress

I mentioned before that I had a vision of Fringy Fish charms, sewn up in a Crazy Quilt-Vintage look..

These are some of the mini's.

I think I'm done with this one side, just a
few more stitches here and there.
Same for the other side of the fish.

I went through my Nicki Lee's Ravioli Dreams "goodies" and decided the project is worthy of adding her pretties to it.

Next, put the fish together.
Close to being done.

....looking like a little goldfish.

As I was working with these, and another idea
floated in.  An Angelfish!


  1. This is going to be so cute, can't wait ot see the mobile.

  2. Thank you Donna!

    I'm stitching away....
    Once I get one side of the fish done, the other side is easy to copy!

  3. Jes, WAY TO GO! I am so proud of you that you have finally decided to jump in and CQ! Your fish are looking mighty good - can't wait to see how the whole project comes together! Great job!

  4. Nicki!
    I feel sorry you all (my dear friends!) watching this slow process!
    But, you're my friends and you have to!!!
    I love crazy quilting! This is fun!
    I'm starting to pick up some of the basics. Starting!

  5. Jes, these are SO cute! Can't wait to see this project progress. ;o)

  6. Thaaaank You Mucho!

    This has taken over every project that was pinned and ready to sew!
    This is streaming along!!

    ~ Jes

  7. Cute fish, Jessica! I am wondering whether we are "neighbors" as we live in the PNW area also..... I found your link through Kathy's blog.

  8. Hi Judy - Neighbor!
    We're on the east side of the Cascades! This year known as the snowy side of the Cascades! Errrr!

    I'm visiting your pretty blog!
    I saw the fox photo! We had a fox that would come down into our yard every day, miss him (he's gone).
    I had recorded him playing with a neighbors' dog that was on a tether - it was the cutest thing. They'd bark at each other and you could tell they were having fun!

    I'll hop over to your blog and say hello!
    ~ Jes

  9. Thanks for the visit, Jessica, and for the email. You're right, we are neighbors. And I love where you live! We passed your lovely city when we went to Yellowstone last summer. Had I only known!


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