December 9, 2008

Shade of Blue

I went looking for something
pretty for Omma5, our hostess
for the Winter Block Swap.
Every time I passed by this
section of fat quarters.....I thought
this would make a nice focus fabric.
So I got her a couple of the beautiful
ones in the front here.
If you click on the picture, you can see
the beautiful bird in the print.

I went back during the big sale, hoping that there was
still a few left, for me-own-stash! - it's such a pretty
shade of blue!

Happy Birthday Miss L !!
Here's your
Dusted Chocolate Cake!

Get Well so we can
go Celebrate!!


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Jessica that cake looks so good, I could just jump through the computer for a bite! and the FQ's - you are playing with my heart as you know I just love blue! Great choices and I'm sure Omma will love them!

  2. There's one piece of cake
    left, Nicki! I'll tell everyone
    it's yours!!

    Omma loved that color!
    It's an unusual blue, it wasn't among the fabrics on the wall otherwise I would have bought some
    yardage. A Robin's Egg Blue? cheers me up now that the skies are so blah! I'll just pin the FQs up on the curtains!

    ~ Jes


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