December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Day

Last night, the mailman arrived way after the sunlight was gone and delivered a few more Christmas cards and a little package..
a beautiful hand-made ornament, along with this special book of devotions, The Quilt of Life, from Kathy.
I'm going to enjoy snuggling up, relaxing and reading the wonderful shared stories. Thank You So Much!

Shortly after putting the ornament on the tree, I sat down to look up a recipe. I always grab a lap full of books...when the phone rings.
A pretty voice says, "Merry Christmas" and I'm thrilled to hear that it's Nicki Lee!  She then surprises me with a "You won the CQ Giveaway"! I had to sit down, I was stunned.
I'm elated!! I'm really looking forward to making Crazy Quilt "pretties".
Thank You Nicki Lee! It was a fun way to celebrate Erik's
birthday and celebrate your CQ blog. Enjoy your "creative path"!

First thing this morning was to look outside and see how much snow arrived during the night.
Another 8" or so. Christmas Snow - it's powdery and it glistens.

We've turned into the Snow Family!
....we haven't lost our ability to smile.

This afternoon we helped our neighbors through the snow, so they could share Christmas Dinner with us.

I made a swirly choco-fudge cake.

And while the snow continued to fall, we shared stories, laughed a lot and felt the importance of the Season.

I hope your Christmas was
just as wonderful.


  1. Jessica, I am glad it arrived in time for Christmas. I was holding my breath. LOL How nice to spend the day with your neighbors and escorting them through the snow. Hope it soon stops snowing. We have been getting a little snow, and more ice.

    Congratulations on winning Nicki's blog giveaway. Have fun when you receive all the goodies.

  2. Kathy,
    I am already enjoying the book.
    It was wonderful to sit down and start reading....already at page 29ish. Each story touches the heart!

    "Escort"....that's the word I was looking for! We tried to get them back to their house before the
    light was gone - but that's around 4:30pm now.

    I'm glad you're only getting a little snow! The ice is scary, I hope you can get around safely!

    Enjoy the rest of this wonderful
    ~ Jes


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