December 7, 2008


This year's shows are officially done, finishing, with the first-ever Winter Farmers' Market; and I'm ready for this "window of rest".

Daughter, Tara,  joined me and our day started at 5am!  Somewhere around 2pm, I was daydreaming and I thought I heard Tara say, "Mom, you really need to frame your manner!"  I replied, in my usual "things could be worse" attitude:
... that I wasn't at all effected by the small crowds and frigid temperatures!
... that it's okay that we were in a small space so more vendors could be in the show!
... it was packed yet cozy and the more people actually heated the room!
... that I was going to make it to 6pm, though after 4pm, I wasn't sure that I could mutter anything that could be considered English.

Then, I got this look from Tara, she smiles and says, "Mom, you should frame your Banner "!
"Ooooh, right-right"!!  
Getting back to the Winter Market.....any time you are involved with a new show, you have to accept that not everyone is going to hear about it.
It was great getting the artisans together "after the season" , gave our frequent customers one more chance to shop before Christmas and it was one more venue opportunity for me.
There were evergreen wreaths, pottery, home-spun yarns, packaged dried herbs, quilts, etc..
If they are planning a Winter show next year, which I hope they do - I hope we get the bigger building and lots of advertising.

As focused as I can be when getting ready for shows, I'm still open to the inspirations that come in (usually in the middle of the night). Sometimes, it's just good for the soul, to go ahead and start that project. So I did!

This is Bloom.

Well, toward the end of show day, I visited some of the other vendors.
My friend, Carol, had this beautiful quilt at her booth.
I told her that it reminded me of a project that I started (yes, the one above).
After some Artisan trading.......I came home with a new quilt!

And, although I should be resting from the show, I was eager to move some things around in my craft area - which is also the laundry room, a wonderfully large room which was built like a second kitchen with custom cabinets - it's not at all that bad, just downstairs with little windows and I've never really felt inspired in!.
Until now...
Carol is a talented quilter, and a wonderful high school
teacher ( my kids love her)!
The colors used are so perfect, love that little touch of lavender.
See the sun up in the right-hand corner?

I decided that the room will have a theme of friendship.

The batik was made by my friend, Julie. She learned Batik while on her trip to Africa!  Julie is a music teacher with hidden talents?!!
I helped to a back-drop for one her school concerts and in return, she surprised me with this!    It's precious!

The pretty watercolor painting is by Elisabeth, Tara's close friend. They graduated together and this was given to me during their graduation week as a gift of support!  I told Elisabeth to keep painting.....this is so serene.
The small art photographs are by Tara and Miss L, they have started a fun collection of graphic art from their original photographs.

Now back to the sewing machine.
A new idea that came to me as we were putting up the "Swimmers" along the wall - "Fringy Fish".
So, I'll be busy!

For now, it's time to put the QWL quilt-tops and the Cuppa Swap blocks back on the front burners.
Gotta great start on both of these projects.

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