November 14, 2008

Snobby Cat

I don't know what to do with
these arms - he's a pincushion,
so I could have him hold my
threaded sewing needle.

He needs some little claws
on those arms!

I put him in the kitchen cupboard to be a"scared y cat" of sorts to surprise the "early birds" grabbing their coffee cups......tee hee!
No one was shocked.  Pfff.

Look EverythingQuilts!
I started with the buttons (cute idea!) and remembered this little pocket that I have sitting next to the sewing machine - put the button on pocket!

"Hold my thread, please!"

Sherry, I like the toes too!


  1. Jessica, your cat is so cute. You could sew a button on each paw and then take a ponytail holder and run it through your thread and loop each end on the button to hold the thread like a dispenser. You may even have to loop 2 holders together depending on how far apart the paws are.

  2. He is absolutely adorable. That's one fat cat! Great job.

  3. OH, he is so cute!!! You come up with the cutest ideas.

  4. Thank You!
    Snobby turned out cute
    with the help!!
    The pattern is from the book, Scrapplique....although, we've changed the face to make him cute!

    I've done 3 projects from that
    book now! I forget how many ideas are in there, but know there's a handful of patterns that I'm still wanting to do.


  5. Jes, Too dang cute! He sure looks like he has his hands full now. I think he needs a wife and some kitties LOL!

  6. LOL!!!

    Can you picture how cute the kittens would be!!


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