November 22, 2008

Second-hand Books

These were two more books I picked up at the library's bookstore.
It wasn't until I went through one of them slowly, that I realized a lobster pattern was in the book.  Hurray!
Last year, I saw the cutest oven-mitt with a lobster applique and started searching for a pattern to make one.


  1. Ohhh Jessica,
    You have infected me with these beautiful books and I've had a look at A...Marketplace and what shall I say, I found them and many others too. Now I have to wait till the parcel from far away arrives, I hope before X-mas.
    Today we have the first snow here in the nothern part of Germany what is unnormal for November and it's freezy and cold, the real weather for those books.
    A big hug
    Heike (brrrrr,it's cold outside)
    And Thank You so much for the Pattern!!!

  2. Dear Heiki, You are welcome!

    Snow! It's cold here and some places have received a little snow.
    I haven't finished raking leaves so it can't snow here yet!!

    Yes, the snow and cold weather brings a lot of time to read! I've already moved a crate of quilting magazines upstairs - everyone is going to have to get used to walking around it!

    Enjoy the Weekend!
    ~ Jes


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