November 16, 2008

Scrapplique and Bits

Here's the little Scrapplique kitty that I almost didn't make...
I thought, "No to the beard", "No to the man-face", and "No to the bottom".   Eeek!  But, the pattern looked easy to make, and it was.   It turned out cute, cute, cute.

If your cat has a beard, let me know, I could be completely wrong... hahahaha!

I've got the stocking cut out and ready to do.

The book is FILLED with ideas!

 Mom's pincushion!

A while back, I was on the phone with my mom and we were talking about pincushions.
She was telling me about a pincushion that she used for years, just a wadded up piece of cloth. (as a kid, I'd keep her company while she sewed. I don't remember her pincushion.) So, for Mom's birthday, I made a beautiful pincushion, using the Anna Maria's Wildflower pincushion pattern.

Mom said she'd be getting rid of the old pincushion!

Some time later, I get a box in the mail from Mom, it's filled with pretty things  and at the bottom of the box was this gold thing. I wasn't feeling well at the time, my thought process was on slow-mode.  I picked up the thing, at eye-level, saw the "pin marks", and it dawned on me that I was looking at the pincushion that she used for years!  I started laughing and picked up the phone and gave her a call.

The story is: My mom was given a pincushion in the shape of a mouse from one of her friends.
She started using it and leaving it next to her sewing machine. Well, the pincushion kept disappearing!
She'd find it in another room and put it back. It kept happening.
One day, she caught Candy (our cat) carrying the pincushion in her mouth, into another room. She ended up giving Candy that mouse pincusion.  She said that Candy took that mouse everywhere!  And that was when my Mom folded up this fabric for a pincushion. She said she kept using it because it really held the pins.

I'm going to surprise Mom by making another pincushion with this old thing as the stuffing. I just haven't decided whether it should be a kitty, mouse or sachet-style pincushion!

*I'm told a picture of Candy and her mouse is being mailed to me. I will add the picture here!


  1. Jessica, I can just picture the cat running away with the mouse, but ouch the pins!!!!

    The book looks like it has some wonderful ideas.

    I have a gift for you on my blog if you care to participate.

  2. The pins was my first thought too!
    I don't know how that kitty was so fortunate!

    I'm going to your blog!!

    ~ Jes


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