November 18, 2008

Lucky ........the newest Fish

Someone walked by my booth and informed me that goldfish are considered lucky (in many Asian cultures).
Since then, I've been wanting to call one of these guys by that name.  So, here's Lucky.

Fun having these sitting around when I'm getting ready for a show.

Sparkle Paisley has a home, but I won't tell that to the other fish. Gotta keep that smile on their face for a couple more weeks!

What do fish talk about in a huddle?


  1. They are just like us, they tell jokes, fish jokes:

    Where do smart fish live? In schools!

    Why is it easy to weigh a fish? He has his own scales!

    What fish plays music? Tun-a fish!

    Why are manatee's so wrinkled? Ever try to iron one!

  2. Your new blog colors sure do make your fish patterns stand out. Good background choice.

  3. Love your fish! Are they your own design?

  4. Hi Elsie!

    Thank You!
    These are the Longia Miller design, with some changes/improvements to the pattern.
    This year I decided it was time to branch out and do my own designs and I'm introducing the "Swimmers".
    A lot of customers have wanted to hang the fish in kids' rooms(as I have them hanging at the shows) and so I'm designing fish that look as they are "swimming"!

    It's been keeping me busy, but
    I'm enjoying the process!!

    ~ Jes


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