November 4, 2008

Gift Pocket

Getting ready for a December show.  *smiling*

This is a Gift Pocket: use as a... 
* Gift Card Holder
* Money Gift Holder
* Needle case
* Jewelry Gift Holder

See you at the Winter Farmers' Market!


  1. I don't know how I missed this post. :( They are so pretty!
    I use your little card holder you made for one of the swaps to hold my credit cards in my purse. Love it.

  2. Thank You, Kathy!

    Hope you enjoy the pattern
    to these! With your talents,
    they will be eye-catching!

    ~ Jes

  3. Jessica...In the first photo under "Gift Pockets"...the green pocket that is in the middle on the left side...Can I purchase that from you?

    I love these creations!

  4. Thearica....that one sold! For some reason, this year people bought these a handful at a time. I couldn't explain it!
    I will be making more, and you my friend, will get one as a gifty-gift!



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