October 18, 2008

When Quilt Artists Inspire.....

Dena Crain: Artist/Teacher in Kenya
I loved reading this blog. The quilts are stunning; and reading the background stories of the quilts are touching.  Imagine hippos in the yard or picture beautiful flowers, such as the Persian Carpet Flower.  It's just a snippet of Dena's world in Africa.

This is our Blueberry bush. As the temperatures have changed, the green leaves have changed to a beautiful fire-red.  I have a piece of batik in this color, so I'm going to make Dena's Calligraph Pinwheel using Fall colors.

The family loved this pattern, it reminded them of rivers flowing.

Just beautiful!


  1. Hi Jes!
    Amana orange tomato seeds arrived safe and sound :)
    Thanks so much! Will post progress on my blog.

  2. Pam,
    Excellent! Have fun in your garden! I'll be watching for your "garden pictures"!
    And, if I can find the Brandywine seeds, I'll share...they are tasty too.

    Oh, I sure love the "growing season"
    ~ Jes

  3. This block design is so gorgeous. I love it!


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