October 29, 2008

QWL #1185 D9P


In the QuiltsWithLove quilt album, there is a quilt that was donated, done in the Disappearing Nine Patch block....

We are told the quilter made an error in turning the pieces to make a D9P, but we think it's serendipity!

The effect looks like a Southwestern bird flying.

Here's the block drawn up.
(click on photo for larger view)

Once you make your Nine Patch: Cut down the center and Cut across the center.

Then turn the sections as seen in top picture and sew together.

If your Nine Patch is made up of 4 1/2" squares, your finished block is going to be squared to 12".

******* ******* ******* ******* *******
QWL uses 12.5" blocks
(if you are just sending in a quilt block).

I'm going to start with 5" squares for the nine-patch.
I"m using a 1/4" seam.
When I cut the nine-patch down the middle and across, I'm flipping the pattern around and sewing together with again, a 1/4" seam. This gives me a 13.5 square, but I have to square that up.....so I'll call it a 13"block squared up.


  1. Thanks for the pattern. Do you have a link to the QWL quilt album?

  2. This is the photostream link:


    The quilt that
    I mentioned...is in the middle of the second row!

    ~ Jes

  3. Hi Jess,
    what a great idea. I wish I've got more time to spent with my sewing machine.
    Yes, of course everything is fine here, I've got a little job since to weekes. I've to clean a sporting center early in the morning, yes, very early, I've to get up at 5:30 and at night a fall asleep in front of the TV, but it's a little money extra to spent for fabric and I've got the feeling to be needed, that's the main reason.
    Have a nice weekend
    A big hug

  4. Dear Heike -

    That sounds great!
    Early in the morning, but great!!
    All my fun money goes to
    fabric too! Such an addiction!

    I stacked all my Fall quilt magazines together and was sure I'd make a quilt this year - quilted pumpkins are so pretty to look at - maybe in time for Thanksgiving Day!

    Have a good weekend!
    ~ Jes


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