October 3, 2008

Pressed Leaves

Yesterday, my sister and I took the bag of Fall leaves and started pressing them into waxpaper.
The project is Leaves for Lyndsay, but we got a little carried away, we have enough done to send to family too!

Here's a little sample of what we did.

Bought crayons and grated some color in and around the leaves.

Cut out a frame from cardstock and sewed the waxpaper to the back of it.
Another idea for framing would be fabric w/stiff interfacing...

If you read Lyndsay's blog,
you'll get a sense of how much she loves Fall -
well, we thought we'd send her a little surprise.... some Fall Suncatchers.

Starting to lose the light, but this is kind of a pretty shot....


  1. I was going to send fall leaves to Florida tomorrow. This is a great idea.

    Did you just press the leaves and crayon between 2 sheets of wax paper and it didn't gum up your iron?

    This will be so much nicer to send to a hospital! Thanks for this project.

  2. Holee, Hi!

    Yes, it's just wax paper, Reynolds did better than the cheap wax paper. We had a towel down on the ironing table and folded it over on top of the project so we didn't get the iron messy.

    We used a little cheese grater for the crayons, but we could have just shaved it with a small knife.
    We were trying to write messages with the crayon, but that didn't work...sadly. It would have been fun to have "love", "faith" or "blessings" in there.

    I can't wait to do more!
    They are cheery!

    ~ Jessica

  3. Brings back memories of something I did with my kids years ago. I remember using pressed flowers or leaves, wax paper, white tissue (kleenex) and white glue. The end result was strong enough to stand on it's own because of the glue. We just tore the edges. Does anyone else remember how to do these?

  4. Hi Diane! This was just like turning back the clock! I like the sound of the project you mentioned!

    Happy Fall!


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