October 11, 2008


Finally, last night I felt good enough to work on something/anything, so I chose the cute, little bird pattern. In the background, the music from the new CD titled, Jubilee played.

So, here's the little bird I've named...Jubilee.


  1. Jessica,
    Sorry to read you were not feeling well. Your bird is so cute! What pattern did you use or was this your own pattern? You are so creative!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you -I'm pretty sure it's a reaction to the smoke-filled environment that we were in (even though we were in the non-smoking area)! Oh well...it was a fun time with my sister and family!

    I finally finished the Nellie bird!
    I read Nellie's Needles (a great blog) last year and saw the pattern. When you can, you've got to see her bird pictures, she uses a colorful fabric combination!

    If I knew ahead of time how quickly these get made up - I wouldn't have waited so long to work on it. I'm going to go look for gold/white fabric....these would look glorious as an ornament!
    I can imagine your hand
    at this....it would be a piece of art!!

    I'll send you an email!
    Hope you're enjoying the Fall season!
    ~ Jes


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