October 28, 2008

Catching Fall Leaves

We do this every year, go out
on a breezy day and catch a
lucky leaf.

We had our pick of pretties here!

Happy Fall


  1. Hi Jess,
    how are You doing?
    Thank You for the lovely pictures, I love them all (in fall ;-) ).
    A big hug

  2. Dear Heike,

    All is good here! We just had company and enjoyed a Fall BBQ.

    Lots of sewing to get done this week, but there's so many new ideas out, new magazines.....I'm getting distracted!

    Hope everything is good at home for you - Hope everyone is well.
    I'm watching everything your making, the Pumpkins 4 Sale is cute!

    Sending Lots of Hugs!
    ~ Jes

  3. Jessica, the pics are beautiful. Also wanted to say, I love your block design.

  4. Everythingquilts (Donna) -
    Thank you, Thank You!
    Isn't that pinwheel block pretty?!
    I was looking at Dena's site and clicked on Patterns, not thinking that there was a pattern being shared....what a sweet surprise!

    BTW....your blog just gets prettier and prettier! I love visiting!

    ~ Jes

  5. Jessica, Beautiful pictures. The leaves here have turned too. Today it was so windy the leaves are all falling. Northeast of us about an hour and a half away they had a foot of snow. Glad it was there and not here.

  6. Hello Kathy....Oh My! Snow!!
    We were walking along in the leaves and I mentioned if it snowed just this little bit and then melted away, I wouldn't mind it so much!
    I hope we all get a nice mild Winter this year.
    Sending Wonderful Fall Wishes to you!
    ~ Jes


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