October 12, 2008

Caoimhe......from Nickilee

I love everything Nicki Lee creates, so when a package came in the mail from her, I was excited.

She made the prettiest Dotee Doll. I love the beads, I love the hand-dyed lace.

I found a name for this gorgeous doll -
Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-va)

It's Irish/Scottish for "beautiful".

In life, there are "meant to be's" and instant friendships - that's Nicki and I! It's been  fun and supportive.

I love, love, love the lace.
The piece from Greece is going to be incorporated into a book-cover.
Thank You, Nicki Lee!


  1. Isn't it just the greatest feeling to get an unexpected package in the mail and know someone was thinking of you. It's the little things like this that can bring such happiness to someones day. She just adorable and I love the bird too.

  2. It is!!
    Even when I'm just reading about people getting mail....I'm touched!

    I finally finished
    the Nellie bird!
    I bought the new Quilting Arts Holiday magazine and they have a
    fabric gingerbread house in there to make - it's similar to your little birdhouse.....yours is still my favorite, love all the colors you put into it!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. Jes..I'm so glad you like her... she comes to you with lots of love for all the support and encouragement you gave me in getting my blog started. I'm still in need of a few lesson though LOL!

    Everything - you too are such an inspiration - I LOVE my birdhouse and get tons of compliments on it all the time.

  4. Nicki,
    The doll is a treasure! And, can admire her as I sew - she's near my sewing area.
    I'm going to have to replace the wooden tree for something more ethereal though! I'll be keeping my eyes open for all the little holiday whimsical trees coming out for Christmas (a reason to shop!).

    Your blog looks great...Beautiful! I love pouring over all the details of your work!

    Anytime you need help, let me know...and,what I don't know, we'll learn together! Several of the gals from the quilting board have got some "extras" on their blogs....we might have to hop on to their blogs and shower them with ????'s!!

    ~ Jes

    P.S. I agree, Everything is inspirational....I'll bet she's working on more creative projects!
    That birdhouse could have easily been on a magazine page - it's so cute!


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