September 29, 2008



  1. Jessica, your tomatoes are beautiful!! Do you think they would grow in Zone 10? I would love to try a few seeds if you have any extra!
    Our gardens here in the South grow at the opposite time of the year from yours. We have beans, corn, eggplant, red tomatoes and lettuce in the ground now. I'll post some photos once they get get a little bigger, they are all leaves and blossoms right now.

  2. Pam, Yes! I'll send you some. ....we're in a sheltered area, not even sure what our little Zone is, but I think you'll do better than we did.

    You're gonna like it!!

    ~ Jes

    If I don't get an email from you, I'll send you a PM on the msg board and we'll be in touch!


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