September 23, 2008

Moose Tales

If you live in an area where there are moose, you quickly learn that if they are on the road; and in your should  never honk at them.

It can have deadly consequences.

When two of my kids were traveling together on the road, for work at camp, they ran across a huge bull moose in the road. My daughter was driving and my son in the passenger seat. The moose was trotting along the middle of the road, going the same direction as the kids.....and, after following the moose down the road, my daughter decided that she had had enough of him (she was tired from the camp session and wanted to get home) son looks over just as she starts to push the horn, he yells, "Noooooooo"!
She honks the horn.   The moose stops, turns around to face the car; and the kids freeze (in horror). This is the part of the story which is a miracle; he didn't attack the car. Moose are notorious for attacking. The moose chose to gallop up the hill instead.  The kids live to tell the tale!

So, when our daughter was recently traveling the same road, this time by herself, she encountered a family of can only wonder what's going to happen! She said the bull moose was the first to take off up the hill. The mother and babies chose to trot up the the way (of course).

With a schedule to keep and a boat to meet, my daughter needed to get around these animals.

She said she remembered the advise of not using the car horn...
Instead, she yelled, "Get off the road"!!

The moose stops, turns around to face the car...


  1. and now for the rest of the story.... I assume it has a happy ending.

  2. MaMa Moose didn't teach her children how to attack a car that day! Whew!
    They meandered off the road, but I told my daughter, obviously the moose heard her yell!
    Just a few more weeks of using that road and then the season is over!
    Thank Goodness!


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