September 4, 2008

Work in Progress

That's the name of my favorite file folder....all the current project happenings.

Some of this week's happenings...

I've had this box of cards out to do some kind of Crazy Quilt cards - These are charms that I never used when I started card-making. Well, just as soon as I'm about to put the cards away (lack of inspiration), I read on the Quilting Message Board about making pretty cards using scraps of fabric!
The project is now officially back on.

Bought this template.  Got busy and started cutting out a quilt.

The website, for ideas and help: .

For $1, I got this used book called, American Country Christmas.
It has a flower-pounding project in it using leaves. I'm anxious to see how the strawberry and hydrangea leaves do.

 go with those pretty flower-pounding projects, pretty Chinese Butterflies designs from the book called, Guide to Looped and Knotted Stitches.

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