September 21, 2008

Crazy Frosted Window Block

I have created a 6.5" crazy block... and am happy to share it with you! 

This is to go with my attic window blocks which I can't show yet because they are a part of a block swap, but you'll be able to see that soon.

I've traced the pattern on to heavy-weight interfacing, which will be the block foundation.

White, Cream and Light Blue

A great suggestion from "KS":
This could be a "stained-glass" window block, just add black for the leading.  I love that idea, actually!


  1. The block will be cute with your winter attic window scenes. I know I haven't seen them yet, but you do such nice work it has to be perfect.

  2. Thank You Kathy! This sure has been fun learning a new block and then adding something to the project!
    I can't wait to see everyone's blocks and start working on a quilt top! The crazy block will be fun to try a few versions too!

    I'm actually really excited about a Spring block swap!!


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