August 24, 2008

Pam and I at the County Fair....Quilts!

Click on any picture for larger view.

Pinking shears raw edge applique

Fern's quilts are always beautiful.

Click to see the Pink Boots!

Those are the smallest blocks ever!

and a close-up.

Every square different and pretty.

A 15-yr old made this. Wow!

Amy Bradley design:  Planetary Party


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I love it when bloggers do taht - I get to feel like I was there too...

    and i posted a link to your blog over on the HGTV quilters' board to show them.. I'm hosting a mini 9 patch swap and wanted to show them I had "spotted" some mini 9s being used in quilts. ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. Thank You Bonnie! I was going to post them on msg board,
    but you wouldn't be able to click on the pictures to get a Close-Up!!

    Wish my camera battery was charged,
    I would have taken more pictures!
    Every quilt was beautiful.

    ~ Jes


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