August 20, 2008

My first Attic Window Blocks

I hesitate sewing these together, they look so perfect right now.

But, I need to practice! So, on we go.

I'm aiming for a 9 1/2" squared-up block.
......we have this layout,

or this,

...or this?
This is closer to correct.
Light in the window,
Dark and Medium for the window panes.


Found a great layout for attic window blocks,
I like the fourth one from the top:
attic window layouts

More practice: . It's almost a 9 1/2" square block. I decided to mark the 1/4" seam since my machine threw off my measurements. I did the triangles the way that the above-mentioned attic window link showed.
The triangles went together like a breeze! Then I almost ruined the corner with the iron - at the last second I remembered that you don't iron that bias corner, you just press.  Stress.


  1. Ah! Attic window! Always thought I'd like to try that pattern. Yours is lovely - I like the white square one, sunshine and flowers.
    Oh, your 'swimmer' is so cute - what a great job, your fish are awesome.

  2. Thank You, Joyce - I'm wanting to join that Attic Window Winter Swap!

    These blocks are turning out nice, but I need to figure out what seam to use to get a 9 1/2" block, using my machine. I almost get that measurement....hrumph!!

    Thank you too regarding the "swimmers". I took them to the Market today and "they" did good for their first day out!

    I was looking at your Blog post, "Priorities"!! Great idea!
    BTW.... I l.o.v.e. your blog!

    ~ Jes

  3. Greetings, Monika!

    Thank you for visiting!

    I've linked a lot of great artists/quilters in the blog list -
    have fun exploring!

    ~ Jes

  4. I really like that first photo's setting the best. the white on the bottom. I've never made the attic windwos pattern before - too scared of that Y seam in the corner I guess.... ~bonnie

  5. Thank you, Bonnie!
    I was nervous about that pattern too, but I used the easy attic window that Omma5 posted.....teehee, it's so easy!
    I'm thinking all these pretty practice blocks can go into a lap-size quilts! I'll just keep practicing for the swap!

    Hope your family stays safe from this storm thats heading your way.

    ~ Jes


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