August 4, 2008


So noisy
am I, with a hammer - Sew much fun!

I can't wait for these to dry and
see the little cut-out hearts decorated
with flower silhouettes.

These will be framed mini needlework
pieces when done.


  1. I want to pound flowers too! What a neat thing to do! Guess I'll have to wait since it's midnight.

    Explain more..after they dry..then what? Is this embroidery?

  2. Holee....wait for morning!

    I let them dry, but it's easier to peel off the flower before it's completely dry.

    I picture adding embroidery, maybe some beads.
    Wouldn't it be pretty to applique this on to a crazy quilt block and
    then frame it?

    I need to look up the Simply Quilts episode that talked about flower-pounding. There was something mentioned about treating the fabric first.

    C'mon! Let's make some pretties!!

    ~ Jes

  3. Jessica, I love flower pounding. Can't wait to see your finished piece of art. Wanted to do some this summer too.
    Here is a site of interest.

  4. Kathy -

    Thank You
    That is a great link !!!
    The scarf idea is sure pretty.

    This sure would be pretty tied in with crazy quilting.

    ~ Jes

  5. Dang Jessica! Now you go and show me something else to do! I love it! My hydrangeas are in full bloom right now and in three shades of blue and also purple. Looks like I'll have to pick a bunch to take with me on vacation -bring my hammer too. Do I dare thank you? LOL!



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