August 4, 2008

FlowerPounding Part II

This is from a
Gloriosa Daisy/Rudbeckia.

click on pictures for closer view

This is from a
light blue Delphinium.

When we went on
our walk
Sunday Morning, we
found Oregon Grape.
I decided to "paint"
with the juice
from them -
and then added some

The best flower images
came from a weed!

Now to applique these on to fabric and start embroidering around the flower images.
....then add beading.
C'mon! Join in on the fun! What flowers are in your yard?


  1. It's raining but this mornings walk brought some beautiful "weeds", some blue, some purple and even some red.

    I'm moving on Friday, but I'm doing my pounding today! CQ sewing machine cover in all flowers and maybe a few birds! Lots of beads of course! Maybe a frame of venice lace on the heart! You have me excited! I love new projects![I'm going to pound now :)]

  2. Have fun, Holee with the flowers! You've got beautiful taste, so I know it will turn out pretty.

    I found the Simply Quilts episode on Flower Pounding - QLT-738

    I see on the episode that they layered the flowers. I'm going to some like that and see what I get.

    And it's mentioned that they used a thin line marking pen for flower detail.
    I'll have to practice with the pen first - I'm not too good at that.

    I'll check your blog for pictures!

    Moving on Friday? You'll still be on the Msg Board and have your blog, right?

    ~ Jes

  3. I won't have a connection until Aug. 13th! I'm already having withdrawal illness creeping in!

    I found the pounding article also. I'm putting off the pounding until my bubble jet treated fabric dries. I did go out in the rain again and found some nice yellow, orange and pink flowers/weeds.

    Blog and messages will be silent for a few days..but I'll be back!

  4. Oh, I feel sympathy pangs coming on! Have a safe move and hook up your
    computer first thing!!

    ~ Jes

  5. Nice job! That looks like fun, I'm going to have to try this with my art quilting group.

  6. Pam, this would be fun as a group project. DH came into the kitchen to see what I was up to and to put a "muffler" on my pounding - I gave him the hammer and asked him to "add the leaves" to the images! He did pretty good!
    Check out the SQ episode for fabric treatment - that can be done ahead of your group getting together - then your time can be spent flower pounding!
    Our DD has gathered her flowers to do her own project.....can't wait to see what she creates.

    ~ Jes


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