August 25, 2008

Blog Hopping

I hope you visit the Blogs that I have listed on the left side of the page!
There's always lessons , sharing and exciting news, such as Nick Lee's RavioLee Dreams -
Nicki is dyeing beautiful laces and you can now order some to embellish your pretty projects.

You may not be back in time to fix dinner!, but I thought you might enjoy a few Blogs I recently found
that are simply Delightful!


Patrick Lose - New Holiday Designs!

Creating By The Creek
Carole Samples
Pixie Blossoms
EQ Blog


  1. Great blog, Jes! I'm glad we found each other's little space on the web for thinking "out loud" and sharing a little of what we do.

    Keep it up and thanks for the link. I'll get around to links someday :)


  2. Thank You, Patrick!

    I am so glad you are back to designing and creating!
    I'm excited about your new designs and I took a look at the fabrics, they are wonderful!

    Best wishes to the family.
    Enjoy Being a GrandPa!! get yourself to a Farmers'Market!!
    Someone next to me,bought the cutest little pepper plant last week. I stared at the plant, thinking,
    "I could quilt that, it's so cute"!!

    Enjoy Your Creating!
    ~ Jes


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