July 14, 2008

Glass Slippers

It's been a few years, but now they're back!
I'm making quite the variety.

There are no snaps, no fussy closures -
just a colorful, cozy slipper for the glasses.


  1. Love these. I have one velcro'd into my tote. I also make them half the length, line them with plastic for my sons work shirt pocket. Keeps the pens from inking the shirt.

  2. 2 great ideas, Holee.

    I'm wondering about the velcro/tote.
    I've got lots of velcro! I bought it when they added the sticky stuff to the backs, and then quickly tossed them aside when I found the sticky stuff doesn't dry. Just became goo!
    Couldn't sew through it.
    But, last week I decided to try something new! I took those little velcro dots, put a dab of
    OK To Wash It on it and then stuck it on the fabric.
    Voila! No sewing. It dried.
    Now velcro is my friend!

    These little cases sure sew up quickly!
    ~ Jes


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