July 21, 2008

An Award Arrives - Thank You!!

I was told that an award was on it's way for being the
Most Creative Thinking in the Quilt Challenge, Life is Like a Bowl of...

Today is arrived! 
Thearica sent this beautiful hand-made bowl from her husband's
Maple Grove Gallery!
I was overjoyed!  What an art piece!!

I have visited his on-line gallery, all his work is beautiful.
Here is the link  - http://www.simplywood.org/home.html

~~A Big Thank You to Thearica and her husband for this gift.~~

I am getting a hostess gift ready to send to Thearica -
I'm including a couple of Wish Fish for Thearica's grandchildren, made up from some of the fabrics from the Froggies quilt.

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