April 15, 2008

Sea Turtles

My sister wanted a turtle quilt...!


Thankfully, inspiration came when I watched an episode of Simply Quilts! Quilt guest, Karen Boutte, was on and she brought a number of her beautiful quilts to the show...

Including one called, Papa Allen's Turtles!  

I became fixated on her quilt, it was beautiful and whimsical.  She turned a Drunkard's Path block into a turtle! How clever!  As the cameraman moved around the quilt, Karen shared a story of her grandfather, Papa Allen. I was enchanted with the "family" story and the quilt!

Now, I wish I had taken more pictures of mine, but at the time, I wasn't into all the picture-taking (I didn't have a blog).  I will share that this quilt went together quickly... the truth is: the templates that I made were so large.  

16" blocks.... Big turtles! ...Really big turtles!!

The quilt turned out bright and very ocean-like.   Sister loves it!

(now, my sister wants me to make a cloth turtle for her...!)

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