March 11, 2008

Cover for bead jars

I found this cute pattern, Kokettes Kekskörbchen, on the Sulky International site...

The original pattern is for a bread basket.
Mine are a mini version.

Just need a little bit of fabric, stiff interfacing, and cute buttons or beads for embellishment.

Some of those candles in a jar... will fit.

BTW:  Even if you've seen pictures of fabric baskets with little candles in them, I don't recommend using a votive candle with this.  It's just too risky!

Jelly jars can become button jars or candy dishes or...

While I was out at the Farmers' Market selling, someone put a potted herb in one of my Jar Covers... what a sweet idea!

What will you use your for?!

Sulky International Holiday Patterns here

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