January 10, 2008

Ski Weekender Flannel Quilt

This is the latest and greatest "Ski Weekender": a flannel throw.

Each of my kids go on a ski trips,  and often the sleeping bag isn't warm enough... so, I started making these blankets that they could take along.

Now, you have super flannel prints to choose from (especially during the Thanksgiving sales) and the mixing/matching fabrics becomes a lot of fun.  I admit to being in line with an armful of prints, and seeing someone's cart full of prints that I LOVE.  It's safe to say that I have a few drawers full of fabric "to use".  

How to Make: 

* Pick 2 coordinating flannel prints.  One for the front, one for the back (no batting necessary).

* I usually make large blankets - the length is 72" long (unless I'm making it for my son, then it's longer).  I buy double the length, because I'm going to split one of the 72" lengths in half (lengthwise).

*** Buy extra fabric because it shrinks after the first washing and be sure to wash the fabric before sewing ***

1.  Now that your fabric is ready to use (washed and pressed), measure a 72" length and set aside (lets call this #1).  Measure another piece, 72" and fold lengthwise, cut down the middle (lets call these #2).  
* Sew the "half" pieces (#2s) lengthwise to each side of (#1).  

Press seams open.

2. Follow the same process for the coordinating fabric.  

3. Place the fabrics right-sides together and sew the side seams. (You'll have a big tube)

4. Turn right-side out, and on a flat surface; lay your project out.  With the side seams hand-pressed nicely, line up the middle seams best you can.  I use safety pins to keep everything from moving. 

5. I don't quilt these blankets!  
I use the two middle seams as sewing lines.
Starting a few inches from top of the blanket, I sew down one "seam" line, stopping a few inches from the bottom.  Then, pin the second "seam" line, a few inches from the top and stop a few inches from the bottom.

6. It's time to finish this project! Fold and pin under the top edge (toward each other) and top-stitch with the sewing machine.  
Do the same for the bottom edge of the blanket.

Congratulations!  You've made a Ski Weekender!

Why did we sew the middle section with the side pieces like we did?  
Because it makes it stronger than having one seam in the middle.

** If you want to be creative and add strips of fabric for top/bottom edges... just make sure that you've pre-washed the fabrics.  Then go crazy with your own style!

~ Now that the sleeping bags are so much better made, you'd think that the kids aren't interested in using their blankets... it's not the case!  *smiling*

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