January 18, 2008

A Quilt in Progress...

I'm working on a quilt for a charity raffle, hosted by Quiltaholic, a member of the HGTV Message Quilt Board. Monies will go to the Ronald McDonald House charities.

The theme is "Life is Like a Bowl of ________".
You are allowed to add one color to the black and white fabric challenge.


To me, Life is first a blessing.
You make goals and gotta do a lot of leaping to reach them.
...so I chose, Life is Like a Bowl of Froggies.
Also, the challenge is to include a diamond in the pattern.
So...this is what came to mind.


Something very fun and whimsical.
I've designed the froggies in 3 stages, going through changes as they "grow".
Today, the littlest froggies, in the bowl, are getting their arms! This weekend, I should be ready to sandwich the quilt and finish up the "pond" area.


If you are interested in more info about the quilts being made (22 in total) and about the raffle, please look at Quiltaholic's blog.


  1. How funny! I love this Quilt and I love frogs! (Bud my english is very bad - sorry!)

  2. Hi Jutta!

    Your English is just fine!
    Thank you for saying Hello!

    Greetings! Jes


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