January 6, 2008

Let's do some Hawaiian Applique Work

Hawaiian quilts are a thing of beauty! To me, it's all about contrasting colors and how they always look like "celebration".   Colors that you don't think should go together...do, so I went to work and auditioned fabrics...  Here's my first-ever Hawaiian applique project, a table-runner.


This is the Breadfruit pattern.

Later, I thought that I would try to make up my own applique patterns...

Start by folding your paper in half, then refold and draw your design, using the folded corner as the center of your design. 

Here's my little Seahorse design.

Here is Jessica's Tulips.

A tree design.

You know that pretty grass that you see along the beach? ...that's what I was going for.

My hand at leaves.


I didn't have enough cut-outs in the design and ended up with half of a Sun.

Last applique design, for now...

...I'm rather liking this one.
It's like a Hawaiian Totem design.

For Hawaiian applique patterns, take a look at these wonderful sites:

Hawaiian Quilting with Poakalani & Co

Quilts Hawaii


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