January 6, 2008

...it started as 2 Crazy Moms

It all started by making a cat-bed as a gift for my parents.  Mom is a cat-lover!

My friend, Anne and I thought about getting into the craft shows and decided to get our feet wet together.  During the week we both worked at a school and on the weekends, we were 2CrazyMoms!  After a couple of seasons together, she went on to pursue her arts and I continued on with the sewing venture. 
I became I'm Sew Happy (in 2001).

This Longia Miller design is whimsy and fun.  I've received so many requests for a fish, that I've mastered the pattern and have added my own touches.  With each trip to the fabric store, I picture another cute fish.    And, what started out as a cat-bed, quickly became popular for kids' rooms.  There's a long list of uses, which I post at the shows.  People come along, read the list and add their ideas! 

Enjoy this blog as I continue to share ideas here!

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